Boudoir with that Sunday Morning feeling

That's how I define my approach to boudoir and in-home sessions. 


I believe that boudoir is meant to be soft and cozy. Flirty. Feeling like home with a bunch of honesty thrown in.

To dig even deeper into the emotion in a photograph. To learn how to slow down a little and to realllly soak it in (because those who have done sessions with me, know I can be rather go-go-go). And while dreaming up ways to do this, I came across and idea that I think fits the mold really well.​

Boudoir is both a mix of finding the space to allow yourself to be, but also to celebrate your body and love it, even on the days that it can feel unlovable. Sunday focuses on your emotions and your person more than what you're wearing - so the recommended clothing is actually more than the average boudoir. There's no weird sexual poses. There's no heavy posing much at all. I recommend big sweaters, a loose tank top maybe. Clothing that's well worn and broken in and oh-so-comfy. 

That's great and all, but tell me more?

Sunday is a full length session that ranges from 45-75 minutes (based on the individual and the vibes and how they're feeling). Every Sunday participant will have access to my what to wear and session guide to create the most meaningful, emotional photographs possible. I'll help you figure out what is going to work the best to create more emotional photographs that focus on you and less on what you look like (that's the goal here, after all).

About a week later, we'll have an image reveal in your home or a coffeeshop where you'll see your images for the first time. The Sunday session includes digital image files for keeping. I bring the snacks, we laugh and cry our way through your images, it's a pretty fantastic time. I've never once heard somebody say they didn't like this. For real.

At the reveal, you'll have the option to purchase additional products and prints and files, but it's not required. All of my clients receive this service, and it's no different for Sunday Morning participants.

Session Includes:

45-75 minutes of session time

USB of final images

6x6 Fine Art Album


Location Options:

Your home - available anytime!

Studio space - available on select dates

Inquire to get the party started!