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"How do you know the bride and groom? It seems like they've known you forever!"

- Wedding Guest, 2019

Are you a wedding photographer, or do you photograph weddings?

Because to be honest, they are not the same thing. 

It's no secret that photographers are popping up left and right, especially with the power of phone cameras and social media. But what these photographers are missing out on is what it takes to work with people. Real talk: nearly anybody can take a pretty photo. But weddings are more about how you interact with people. How you treat family. How you can hone in on what they value and care about without necessarily having to ask.

Or really, maybe it's as simple as asking.

But anyway - many of these social media photographers bathe in the "lifestyle" that is being a photographer. They have you run their Instagram all day, taking photos of them working. They post boomerangs of the couple. They "heart eyes" all over the venue and fancy decorations.

And yet, when you get the photos back, you might be missing one of your grandfather. Or some other more important memory to you than a million photos of what was on  your tables.

You can't print a damn boomerang for the wall or an album.


So what if your wedding and portrait clients could rave not only about the photos you took, but how they were treated? What if you could improve your service in such a way that clients just can't stop talking about you? What if you could find the little things they really care about, and piece those together, image by image?

What if you actually told the story of the marriage?