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The first step is always the hardest, but you're here.

There's a ton of pressure in this industry surrounding wedding photography. They tell you all the time how it's the "one tangible thing" left from your wedding . . . and they're pretty much right.

But wedding photography isn't just about photographing what's there. It's about photographing what's in between. The hug your grandma slipped you. That first nervous smile after your first look. 

The passionate over the pretty.

Wedding photography isn't just for the now. It's for your 5 years from now, your 50 years from now.


It's your turn for the dusty old black and white photo on the mantle. 


These are your moments.

Together, we'll spend time with your family. With your friends. We'll make some epic photos of the two of you filled with laughter and joy and tears and hopefully some portraits that ground you.

We're in this together.

I believe in simplicity at it's core. That's why I have two collections that fit most couples like a glove.

The Essential


up to 7 hours event day coverage by Makayla
custom USB delivery of final images
Wedding Premiere and Ordering Session​



The Everything


up to 9 hours event day coverage by Makayla + a second photographer

engagement session

16 x 24 Fine Art Framed Print

custom USB delivery of final images

Wedding Premiere and Ordering Session​









Sunday through Thursday, 2 hours, $1100.


Need to travel?



+ $550 to sleep and eat

Continental US?

+ $1500 to fly, sleep, eat, survive



You're the coolest. + $2500

with a complimentary Second Photographer, two extra hours of coverage, and a morning after session.

add the fun stuff:

second photographer (often recommended)

+ $500

additional hours

+  $300/hr

engagement session

+ $300

What They Say

“Makayla is an all around amazing and talented individual that made our wedding day even better just by being there. Her personality is so soothing and at the same time fun and upbeat, that it creates a relaxed atmosphere during the whole process and ultimately helps produce amazing in-the-moment photography. I cannot recommend Makayla enough, from start to finish of the entire process she was there for anything we needed and so obviously cares so much about the people she's working for. She goes way above and beyond to make you feel special and wonderful, and creates absolutely amazing art that will make you relive the moment over and over again.” 

—  Avarie, 2018 Bride

How to say


1. Say it! Let's do this together. I'm all in.


2. Sign our online contract - super standard, easy peasy.


3. Pay a retainer of 50% of your chosen collection. The other half isn't due until a month before your wedding - keep that stress low

4. Happy dance around your living room! We're doing this thing. Let's get you images worthy of the wall.

Wedding Premiere

We'll set up a movie-theater like experience in the comfort of your own home, on the biggest screen you have. I'll provide the snacks. You provide the friends and family. We laugh, cry, and truly experience just how amazing of a couple you are and just how awesome your art turned out.

(This is ALWAYS the favorite part!)

Then afterwards, we'll look through some products and choose how you'd best like to represent your event. Does an album seem fitting? Or maybe a glass folio box? What feels right to you?

Check out the products below.