Finding December // Cranberries and Tea Photography

December 21, 2017

I have to admit: December is my least favorite month. While I'm probably in the minority here, I can never seem to find comfort in the way the grass drowns in snow, or how my face hurts to merely exist outside. There are perks - like blizzards and fiery sunrises and New Year's Eve- but it's never felt as at-home to me the way October or November do.


And while this also doesn't stop me from loving the weddings or engagement sessions that I'm honored to witness, it does put a heavy weight on my chest. It tugs at me in different directions creatively, like when you first learn to ride a bike and can't keep the front wheel straight. 


It's often in December when I hit my wall: I no longer feel creative, I doubt my ambitions and prospective gains, and begin to question everything I thought I knew about my reality. Does anybody else ever feel this way?


But the most honest way to overcome this hindrance is to just keep going. Keep picking the camera up. Keep lifting the pencil. Wake up and just do the to-do list. Go through the motions, even though it's painful in a numb way.


And then it passes. 


So whatever you're battling in this cold and dark season - just take a deep breath, even if you feel like you're drowning, and just keep creating. Keep making. Keep on.













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