Unsteady January // Cranberries and Tea Photography

February 5, 2018

So seriously January took like 16 years to come and go. While this month hasn't been particularly kind or mean to me, it has felt very uneven. Unsteady. It started very unstable and finished out that way too. 


But this month was a lot about personal learning for me. I was able to fully commit to a daily yoga practice. I learned a lot about my own dietary habits and made some major changes easily. I'm also starting to prep for wedding season, and before you think "Holy crap lady, this soon??", I'll explain.


Last year, photographing weddings was a whirlwind of fun. It was fast-paced and fully of dancing and amazing families and seriously, there were some absolutely unforgettable moments. But my health suffered. I slept in bad motel rooms and didn't eat enough throughout the day and essentially forgot that I can properly care for both my clients and myself.  


So this year I'm starting strong at the start of February, developing best practices and grounding myself in how I plan to keep myself healthy and happy through wedding season. Because being more grounded, happy, healthy and focused leads to crazier dance parties and more amazing art. 


And the world needs more amazing art. 







Feat: January photo adventure images at frozen Wisconsin Point










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