Las Vegas Desert Couple's Session // Russell + Melody // Cranberries and Tea Photography

February 26, 2018

 The minute my flight to Vegas was purchased for a conference I was attending, I knew I had to photograph the mountains and the desert. I had never felt such a calling in my life. And I was lucky to share that calling with Melody and Russell. 


These stud-muffins have been together for 6 years, with a crazy history and an absolutely infectious amount of laughter. They shared my joy in spending time at sunrise at this gorgeous trailhead near Red Rock Canyon, and they never for a second doubted just how perfect this was going to turn out. As a fellow adventure photographer herself, Melody knew exactly was I after, and was more than willing to make those dreams come true with me. I think if this couple was an ice cream flavor, they'd be Turtle or Rocky Road - jam PACKED of fun and flavor, but also extremely comforting.


See below: them killing it, and freezing to death, but you'd never know.


P.S. it's tiny white dog Hazel's birthday, so you have to scroll all the way to the bottom. Cheers!













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