Whimsical Canal Park/Park Point Senior Session // Karissa H. // Cranberries and Tea Photography

April 15, 2018

Let's get real for just a minute here: this is some SERIOUS senior portraits goal. Karissa traveled up from the Eau Claire area to have her portraits taken with me in Duluth at Canal Park and Park Point. Despite just how often seniors choose these locations, it's always gorgeous. Seriously. Every time. How is it even possible? 


When Karissa came to me, she had already experience her senior portraits - but she had a lot of unhappy concerns about the photos she had received from it. I was beside myself excited when I had Karissa's image reveal with her whole family and they LOVED all of them! Oh my gosh. How did I land my dream career making absolutely flawless art for high school seniors and weddings. Ugh. 


Alright, no further words. See the gorgeousness below xx













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