Impossible February // Cranberries and Tea Photography

March 2, 2018

It's hard to describe exactly why February felt impossible. Maybe it was the constant back and forth of, "how amazing is this?!" to "omg, my life is coming down in shambles". It's really tough to experience a constant back and forth tug of "I'm doing alright" to "I should be doing better". Does anybody else feel that way?


I think the hardest part of February has been maintaining activity on social media. I LOVE getting to know people. Interacting with them. Truly starting to understand them and their stories and how they want to fit in the world. But I have a constant distaste with how social media seems to be the key to doing that these days - because I don't agree. Social media isn't really that social. I prefer to get to know people over coffee and tea and strange conversation.


With social media, sometimes it's easy to feel like you aren't measuring up. It's the constant battle of followers versus reality versus where you "should" be in life versus where your peers seem to be and more (read how bad Instagram is for mental health). It's an awful downward spiral, one that unfortunately took a huge part of my happiness away in February. 


But despite all of that, it's getting warmer. I'm thankful for where I am right now and I'm learning how to overcome the comparison game. I'm thankful for my clients with whom I have a genuine connection, and whom have entrusted in me to take part in one of their favorite days ever. And for that, there is no comparison better. 




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