Adventurous Madison Melting Pot Wedding // Rob + Helen // Cranberries and Tea Photography

April 8, 2018

I don't think I've ever described a wedding as a melting pot, but this one takes the cake. With family who flew in from literally over 11 different countries, with a full day of exploring around Madison and having just the most adventurous wedding day EVER, this event was one for the books. Even the ceremony integrated talking about dogs. Like, hai, nice to meet you, we're gonna be best friends.


If Rob + Helen were a flavor of ice cream, they'd be mint chocolate chip: sweet and refreshing.


A lot of people are usually surprised that a Duluth MN photographer travels so far for weddings, and honestly, it's a no brainer. I'm so grateful to travel to places like Milwaukee and Madison to hang out with the adventurous and the in-love. There's no place I'd rather be.



































Thanks and hi-fives to Dan Thorson Photography for inviting me to tag along on this event!

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