Gooseberry Falls Elopement | North Shore, MN | Kendra + Dean

October 20, 2019



This story doesn't start easy - it starts with pulling into Palisade Head and being bombarded with fog so thick you couldn't see the lake, let alone the cliffs. Kendra had her heart set on a North Shore location and loved the cliffs and grandeur of Palisade Head - so a little bummed out, our team decided on a backup plan: Gooseberry Falls.


Though the cliffs may be smaller, the adventure came with its own set of memories. From the gorgeous giant splashes of Lake Superior to a crazy run in with an extra large wave (RIP to my dryness), Kendra + Dean explored trees, rocks, lake, and everything they could scurry down. And they got a bit of that crazy fog too.


Backup plans aren't always exactly what you want - but they make it yours. And while we didn't get sweeping cliffs today, we got our own little rock caves and splashes and champagne and insane kisses. 


And that's a story worth telling.
































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